Imperial Tours offers luxury private and group tours to China. The company was founded in 1999 by westerners who have lived in China for over a decade. Imperial Tours combines local expertise with the high levels of service and quality expected from sophisticated travelers. Currently Imperial Tours are featured and sold by The Eden Collection and Elegant Resorts in the UK and through an appointed GSA in Poole.

AMB Communications has helped Imperial Tours develop and increase their exposure and credibility in the UK Market, targeting key tour operators and independent travel agents.

Imperial Tours
by Eden Collection, Tel +44 (0)1244 567000
Imperial Tours by Elegant Resorts, Tel +44 (0)1244 89755

Imperial Tours,Wanguocheng 2-2004, Xiangheyuan Lu 1, Beijing 100028
Tel: +86 10 84407162 Email:

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